What we do

Reuse and Recycling

Our team includes IT professionals, like our CIO to EH&S professionals and A+ Certified Technicians.  We all work together to ensure that your equipment is assessed for reuse & recycling.  Assets that have reuse potential are tested, data is destroyed and all asset tags or identifying marks are removed, prior to being sold or donated for reuse. All non-functioning and obsolete equipment is recycled using globally accepted best management practices.

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You’re dong the right thing by keeping those used electronics out of the solid waste stream and doing your part to extend the life of your company’s IT assets.  So what’s in it for you?  We are really good at repairing equipment and extending the useful life of products that have reuse potential.  We know the markets and are able to get the most value for your retired assets.  We provide a revenue share on the sale of all equipment that is sold for reuse.  So, recycling is good for you, easy on you’re your wallet, and good for the environment.

Bulbs and Batteries

Take 2 provides complete Universal Waste Recycling Services for used lamps and batteries.  When your bulbs burn out and those batteries no longer hold a charge, they should be recycled.  We provide labeled and dated containers for storage, training for your personnel, and documentation to meet federal and local laws.