CT Residential E-Waste Drop-Off Locations

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Totally Free & Convenient Residential Electronics Recycling Events in a Neighborhood Near You!

Bring out your TVs. Bring out your Computers. Bring out your Printers. Get rid of those old Monitors and get back that space in your garages and basements.

We have made it easy for all Connecticut residents to find e-waste recycling options throughout the state. If you don’t see an event scheduled near you, just Let Us Know. We’ll do our best to add new events throughout the year to increase convenience and accessibility for all Connecticut communities. You can also like us on Facebook to get notifications of upcoming events throughout the State.

Take 2 Inc. manages events of all sizes. We operate large community drive-up events meant to serve all Connecticut residents and we plan small, neighborhood walk-up events to serve people who don’t have access to a car or pickup truck.

We want to serve ALL Connecticut residents and make it easy and convenient to recycle your unwanted electronics. If you’re a recycling coordinator or community organizer who wants to schedule an event in your community, call our Legislative Program Director at 203.286.5757 x106 to start planning a collection solution near you.

We hope to see you at one of our events soon!

Community and Regional One-Day Events

These are large drive-up/drive-through collection events that are open to all Connecticut residents and are typically held in large parking lots of malls, churches, or schools. These may be scheduled as a one-time event, annually, or on a semi-annual frequency. Each one-day event is unique. Please check each event to determine the collection dates, hours, and accepted materials.

Walk-Up/Neighborhood Collection Events

These are smaller events that are open only to the residents living on the block, within walking distance. These events are meant to serve people in the immediate area who would otherwise have a difficult time getting their used electronics to a permanent collection location or an event far from their house/apartment. People recycling at these events typically walk up, rather than drive up, to drop off their unwanted electronics for recycling.

Permanent Drop-Off Locations

These collection locations are only open to residents within the municipality or participating regional group of municipalities and are typically located at the town/city transfer station or recycling center. Containers or sheds are permanently staged at transfer stations or recycling centers for the purpose of storing covered electronic devices and other household electronics. Take 2 picks up stored electronics from these collection locations at a pick up frequency determined by the municipal recycling coordinator. Residents are able to drop off electronics during the normal business hours of the transfer station/recycling center. Although there is no charge to recycle electronics under the Statewide Program, residents may be required to purchase a trip ticket or pass from their town in order to use these facilities. Residents can call their local recycling coordinators or visit their website to learn more about access to their municipal transfer station.

Hard Drive Shredding Events

These events can coincide with other events or be a stand alone event. Residents and small businesses can bring their loose hard drives and witness them being physically shredded.These events are typically set up through local businesses at their place of business and can be open to the public.